January 24th is International Phone Recycling Day, and Woven Legal would like to help attorneys participate for FREE in a cause even Jane Goodall supports!

FREE to the first 50 metro-Atlanta and Birmingham attorneys!
Woven Legal has partnered with a recycling expert providing the following services:
· Shredding of cell phones/smart phones
· Data destruction process – compliant with HIPAA, FACTA and GLBA
· 100% recycling of resulting plastics, metals, etc.
· Certificate of Destruction and devices’ serial number audit

Details of this FREE* offer:
A Woven Legal representative will pick up used, discarded cell phones and pay for the cost of recycling between January 22nd and February 5th. *This offer is only open to the first 50 Attorneys who click HERE or by calling ‪(919) 351-2660 to reserve a time for FREE pick-up before close of business on Friday, February 5th, 2021.

Woven Legal fully understands the importance of protecting attorneys’ data security. To that end, we carefully chose our partner in recycling based on their knowledge and experience serving our Nation’s legal industry, compliant with privacy laws and processes necessary to perform secure data destruction to ensure sensitive information is rendered unrecoverable by scammers, hackers, and identity thieves.



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