Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: I always seem to hire the wrong individuals. I place hope and trust in people to do what they say they will do and, in the end, I am disappointed, having wasted time and money training them. The work and stress continue to pile up. How would you help with this?

Solution: The Woven Legal team has helped hundreds of leaders secure support staff to make our clients shine. The key is allowing us to understand you, your needs, strengths, and even weaknesses (everyone has them!) so we can match you with your very best paralegal, legal assistant, intake specialist, docket clerk, or IOLTA bookkeeper. Woven Legal’s Relationship Managers remain connected throughout to avoid molehills becoming mountains and coaching for best performance, longevity, and maximum productivity.

Problem: Turnover is an issue and something I hate having to deal with.

Solution: We understand. The Woven Legal team often receives calls from new clients weary of staff turnover. Rest assured, we can usually help. Woven Legal is experienced and successful in identifying the best people to serve attorneys and law firms nationwide. Then we stay connected, coaching for best practices as needed to ensure our clients remain delighted with the candidates and results.

Problem: Staffing a full-time Paralegal is expensive, and I only need someone for about 20 hours per week. Can you locate a qualified and experienced fractional paralegal for me?

Solution: Absolutely. We have years of experience vetting for remote workforces and know the value of only staffing for what is needed. You will feel supported by your VLP (paralegal, legal assistant, intake specialist, etc.) who will have your best interests in mind and won’t cost you as a direct employee would. We work hard to source humble, hungry, and smart professionals as fractional, scalable staff.

Problem: My paralegal is going to need access to privileged and confidential information. What’s the best way to set this up?

Solution: This is a common question posed by our clients and upon gaining an understanding of your practice and workflow, we can better direct you. There are many resources and methods we have seen clients use to achieve optimal security.

Law Firm Staffing

Virtual paralegals, intake specialists, docket clerks, legal assistants, legal bookkeepers and more to support small and growing law firms.

From the beginning of our relationship with Woven Legal, we have enjoyed and benefited from the depth at which they take time to understand the position they’re hiring for, as well as considering a balance between a candidate whose skills match the role and who would be a good fit for the culture of our firm.

Natasha R., Dir. of Ops – Family Law

Administrative Support

Customized firm support. We take on legal administrative tasks so you can practice law.

Becoming a client at Woven Legal has allowed us to seamlessly grow in this remote working world. Working together feels like a natural way to grow up and scale our business. Finding quality candidates who aren’t in our local area has made this process so much more inclusive. When we’re hiring for a role that can be virtual, I reach out to Woven Legal and know the process will be smooth and efficient. 

Meghan F., Partner/Attorney – Family Law

Woven Legal

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