Meg Garavaglia

Owner | Business Development

Hi, and thanks for stopping by our website. My name is Meg Garavaglia, and although I am the owner of Woven Legal, our company continues to be built by a team of amazing, servant-hearted, polished professionals who exhibit the highest integrity. Their dedication to our mission drives me to be my very best. The stakes are high because we hope to lead change in legal industry staffing.

The Mission: Woven Legal provides a stable, sustainable work environment for Virtual Legal Professionals resulting in unmatched productivity and delighted clients.

Every virtual legal professional permitted to serve Woven Legal clients is put through our arduous vetting process. Including numerous interviews, thorough testing (technology, communication skills, attention to detail, responsiveness, paralegal abilities, etc.) and are checked to ensure their experience, skills, aptitude, and attitude meet our high standards. We staff differently and refuse to be “body slingers.”

This same level of attention goes into matching new clients with their best VLP’s based on practice area experience, personality, and law firm culture fit. Each engagement is assigned one of Woven Legal’s knowledgeable, seasoned Relationship Managers who guide clients and VLP’s through our proven processes for the success and longevity of the engagement.

I began serving the legal industry in 2008, selling e-Discovery and litigation support services in Atlanta for ten years. However, when the 4th corporate acquisition of my career was announced, I left my 3-hour daily commute in hopes of reclaiming some balance between work and family. It worked! I accepted a position as a Relationship Manager with a young virtual executive assistant staffing company and was often awarded attorneys on my roster. Throughout that time, attorneys continuously and frequently asked me if we could staff paralegals, client intake specialists, or legal bookkeepers. I approached the company owners about my attorneys’ requests. They shared that while they greatly appreciated their clients’ wish to add staff, our company was already growing exponentially, and diversifying or adding a legal staffing services arm wasn’t aligned with the company’s best interests. After several years of being asked to fill the need, I decided to leave that company to work full-time, creating Woven Legal in early 2021.

My first sales role was working for my Dad in our family’s store – Alvey’s Paint & Hardware in York, PA. My Dad loved being an entrepreneur. Under his tutelage, all 6 of us kids (I am the youngest) learned social skills, a sense of humor, honest dealings, initiative, and the importance of treating others with respect. My Dad had the highest standards when we served customers, and I remain grateful for the high bar he set and his lessons that shaped how I treat clients today. Shortly before my Dad passed away in 2003 from cancer, he and I discussed business, and he shared, “Megger, many people talk about going into business in their lives but not too many have the guts to do it.” It took me a while but, Dad, challenge accepted. 🙂

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Graphic Design from Kutztown University in 1993 and married my husband, Chris Garavaglia, in 1994. Chris and I have two grown sons: Drew and Matt. We attend St. Clare’s of Acworth, GA, where we volunteer in several church committees. I also enjoy volunteering with organizations such as Soldier’s Angels, various Senior communities and Books for Africa.