Don't let ego sabotage your leadership
Lawyers have a lot on their plates. Sometimes that is unavoidable, but often it is. It can be hard to recognize that sometimes, your own ego might be what’s stressing you out and slowing you down. Lawyers might be legal professionals, but they’re also businesspeople. Effectively […]
Hiring a top-notch paralegal, legal assistant, or bookkeeper can elevate your business’s operations, especially if you can retain their talent over the long term. But with the unemployment rate hovering at 3.6 percent, it may be difficult to find any help that is even marginally qualified […]
The law is an industry that is notoriously slow to change, but even this institutional occupation is not immune from technological advances.  You may have learned how legal research used to be conducted by referencing a mountain of books and reporters. If so, you were undoubtedly […]
Marketing Strategy
Gone are the days in which an attorney’s expertise, case results, and practice history were enough to maintain a steady stream of new clients. Today, the vast majority of would-be clients use the Internet to look for an attorney. Thus, you’re losing out on potential clients […]
Be a podcast guest
Being a successful attorney is more involved than simply knowing the law or skillfully litigating in the courtroom. Lawyers and law firms need a steady stream of clients to keep the proverbial lights on. But marketing yourself and your services is not something that may come […]
The range of backgrounds and personalities among attorneys is far and wide. Some attorneys are drawn to large firms, while others prefer to practice solo. There are lawyers who thrive in court and others who enjoy the quiet work behind the desk.  But whether you are […]