Virtual Paralegal
Remote work has exploded since 2020 when offices worldwide closed down as nations battled COVID-19. While there was initially some […]
Plenty of attorneys were comfortable working from the office five days a week before the pandemic. In most law firms, […]
It’s very frustrating to post a job, screen for suitable applicants, and realize that you only have a handful of […]
It’s the worst-case scenario when someone you hired just doesn’t work out, but how you handle the separation and next […]
Working with a paralegal is a beautiful thing when it’s the right person in the right role. But getting someone […]
Great culture
Did you know that according to research, company culture is a top concern for 46% of new job applicants? Studies […]
Woven Legal’s Meg Garavaglia recently interviewed Aaron Strimban of Tidwell Strimban Injury Lawyers to talk about his best strategies for […]
Woven Legal is proud to introduce you to Rob Harvey of Online Business Systems. At OBS, he is the Managing […]