Introducing our new podcast, The How and The Wow. Learn about business relationships in the legal arena and the dynamics that help them thrive.

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Meg Garavaglia: Hi, my name is Meg Garvalia, founder of Woven Legal, and we have a new podcast called the How and the Wow, recorded in front of a live studio audience right here in Atlanta, Georgia. Please like and subscribe if you’re rooting for us and leave us a review to spread the word. And if this how and wow stuff is all Greek to you as it was for me until recently too, then I hope you can join us right from the start when we take a look at this concept that in just about all successful partnerships, people take on one of two roles.

The wow is the person that comes up with the big ideas. The how is the person who helps break down those grand plans into actionable steps to help bring them to life. And oftentimes, bringing these two roles together results in real business magic. We’re excited to dig in, uncover, discover, and share what we learn with our listeners.

I hope you can join us. Thanks.



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