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Regardless of the size of your law firm, you probably put a lot of care into choosing the lawyers and paralegals you work with. You know that the skill and experience of your firm’s employees have a direct impact on the quality of the legal representation your clients receive. 

Unfortunately, many firms make the mistake of failing to put this same level of care into choosing a receptionist.

Whether you’re currently searching for a new law firm receptionist or you’re simply exploring alternative staffing options, it’s worth taking the time to consider the role your law firm receptionist plays and how a subpar receptionist might be hurting your firm’s business. 

Your Receptionist Is the Face of Your Law Firm

Your law firm’s receptionist is the first point of contact for current clients, potential new clients, and your peers and colleagues at other firms. This means that a professional legal receptionist reflects well on your firm. At the same time, when your law firm’s phone is answered by a receptionist with an unprofessional demeanor or one who lacks knowledge of the legal field, it can put your firm’s reputation at risk.

Not every receptionist is good at their job. Unfortunately, even those who excel at general receptionist work might not have the specialized knowledge and level of professionalism that you want to serve as the face of your law firm.  

The results a law firm achieves can have a major impact on a client’s future, freedom, or finances. However, clients don’t see all the work that gets done by your firm. Most of the time, getting in touch with their lawyer means speaking to the firm’s receptionist and waiting for a return call. 

There are plenty of mistakes legal receptionists make when they don’t have a background in the legal field. Some of the most common include: 

  • Not recognizing when a client message is time-sensitive
  • Prioritizing other tasks over passing on client messages
  • Failing to treat client concerns with sympathy
  • Not knowing what to say to potential new clients
  • Giving off-putting answers to new client questions

A receptionist in any field should ideally be warm and helpful on any incoming call. Law firm receptionists in particular are responsible for two major roles: keeping current clients satisfied and helping bring in potential new ones. 

One of the most important roles of a legal receptionist is to help bring in potential new clients. Current clients have already vetted your firm and made their choice. However, new clients are still in the process of deciding which firm to work with. When a new client calls your firm with questions, they’ll speak with your receptionist. 

The experience a potential new client has during their initial phone call has a significant impact on whether you gain or lose new business. This means your legal receptionist needs to understand that their presence on the phone and in person directly impacts whether a new client views their experience with your firm in a positive light. 

A good legal receptionist is attuned to this sales aspect of their role. They make an effort to show compassion, deliver helpful answers, and give the overall impression that your firm cares about the person on the other end of the call. They should also be able to address questions about fees and other concerns using the correct terminology. 

When a new client has chosen to call your firm above all others, the impression given by your receptionist is often the determining factor in whether they feel their case is in capable hands. When you’re putting resources into advertising or online marketing, you might not realize that your receptionist makes a difference in whether a new client comes in for a consultation or decides to call another firm instead.  

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency When Choosing a Receptionist

Gaining a new appreciation for the importance of a skilled legal receptionist is the easy part. What’s harder is finding good candidates and narrowing your choices down to the receptionist who can help your firm’s business thrive. 

Relying on a staffing agency to find your next receptionist is a good start. Conducting background checks, checking references, and generally vetting candidates can be a time-consuming process, and your firm’s resources are probably better spent elsewhere. 

However, not all staffing agencies understand that law firms have unique needs when it comes to finding the right receptionist. This means that a staffing agency’s pick for your firm might not connect you with the legal receptionist you need. 

While most general staffing agencies handle the vetting process that goes into hiring a new worker, they don’t always realize that a law firm receptionist needs to have specific skills and an appreciation for how their role impacts client acquisition and retention. 

Legal staffing agencies fill in these gaps. A staffing service that specializes in law firm staffing knows that general employment roles often require more specific responsibilities and qualifications in the legal field.

The easiest and most efficient way to outsource receptionist services for your firm is to work with a legal staffing service to discuss your needs. When you choose a legal staffing agency, you know that any receptionist sent your way will have the legal experience that can help your firm thrive. 

Woven Legal is a dedicated legal staffing service. We understand that law firms have unique needs, and we connect you with Client Intake Specialists who are knowledgeable in the legal field. We do the vetting for you, so you can trust that when you outsource legal intake services to Woven Legal, you’re getting the best there is. 

You can book a consultation to discuss your law firm’s needs and learn how Woven Legal can help connect you to the legal support staff member who is right for your firm. 

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