virtual law office staff

Paralegals, Legal Secretaries, Bookkeepers, and more…

Looking to use your skills, degrees, and certificates in a professional context while enjoying the flexibility of working from home? Woven Legal helps law firms staff a variety of positions, all virtually, from client intake managers to specialized legal assistants and paralegals.

Work Remotely

Applicants must show self-motivation, professionalism, and the ability to interact with a virtual team.

Use Your skills

Depending on the position, applicants must have the appropriate degree, certificate, or training.

technology savvy

Since our positions allow remote work, applicants must be comfortable using basic productivity software and willing to learn new technology.

Organized and Efficient

You’ll be working as a virtual staff member serving 1 – 3 law firms. While you’ll get plenty of training and support, you need to enjoy juggling many tasks.


Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis.

Most positions are for 1099 contractor roles.

You must be available during regular business hours and have a quiet space to work.

All applicants are subject to a background check and E-Verify.

“I love working with you, it is refreshing to be surrounded by positivity and to feel appreciated! I am really happy things are working out with [my assignment] too.” – Tracy A., Paralegal

Contractor Testimonials

I simply love working for Woven. I have never worked at a company where I felt more appreciated and a part of the team. They have always listened to any ideas, comments, or concerns I had with assignments. It’s a company that inspires me with their forward-thinking, mindset, and company culture.

Margaret D.

It is an honor and a privilege to work with Woven Legal. The support, encouragement, and guidance you as a contractor are provided is unparalleled in comparison to other staffing agencies. They take the time to get to know you and your needs to put maximum effort into matching you with a client that is a perfect fit for you in contrast to using you to just fill a position. It is indisputable the investment they make in you as a contractor but more importantly as a person. Woven Legal matched me with the perfect assignment for me. If only dating services were half as good!

Adara G.

Working with Woven Legal has given me the flexibility to work remotely and still do what I love. I’m grateful for the positive support I receive and enjoy working every day!

Kelly A.

Woven Legal placed me with an organization that was the perfect fit for me. I had amazing support throughout the duration of my engagement with WL and highly recommend them.

Robyn S.

I love working with Woven Legal. Every member of the Woven Legal team is wonderful and genuinely cares about you and finding the best professional match for your skills. I always feel supported and appreciated. Thank you, Woven Legal!

Brandy K.

Have I mentioned I LOVE this job?

Seriously though, I am so grateful to be working with my client. Their values are an infectious vibe, and not just professionally – my personal life, outlook, and motivation have also improved because of my JOB. How often do you get to say that?! Makes you wan to live up to that, you know? Be better, every day.

Elizabeth A.

Notes on Working in the Law

Supporting legal professionals is our business, and this includes making sure paralegals, legal assistants, and others who work with lawyers can succeed.

Frequently asked questions for our team

Is there a fee involved in finding a position?

No, there is no fee to the applicant. Your rate is negotiated with Woven Legal at the start of each contract.

Does Woven Legal place only contractors?

It depends on the number of hours. If your assignments through Woven Legal total 30+ hours per week, your working status will be a W-2 employee and you will be eligible for medical and dental benefits. If you work fewer than 30 hours per week, you will be brought on as an independent contractor.

Can a client buy out my contract?

Yes, this is an option for our clients. However, this is something you must willingly accept.

What happens to my resume once I submit it to Woven Legal?

Each resume is carefully reviewed by our Placement Team against our open positions. If you are not a fit and we are interested in you for future opportunities, we will ask to keep your resume on file.

Will my resume be sent out to potential clients without my knowledge?

Never. Your resume will not be distributed anywhere without your prior consent. Our recruiter will discuss the job description, location, work environment and any applicable information with you before sending your resume to any of our clients.

How long is the average assignment?

Our model is to contract or hire for permanent positions – not temporary contracts.

How often are paychecks issued?

Paychecks are issued through direct deposit on the 15th of each month for work completed the prior month.

As a contractor, would I be responsible for filing quarterly taxes and taking care of all my deductions?

If you are an Independent Contractor, you will be responsible for paying quarterly taxes. If you are a W-2 employee, Woven Legal will take care of all your payroll deductions and filing for you.

How long does it take to find an assignment?

The length of time varies greatly depending on your skills and available contracts. Your Woven Legal recruiter can give you an idea during the interview process if your skills and experience match any open positions.

Does Woven Legal offer benefits to contractors?

No. Those who qualify as Independent Contractors will not receive benefits nor will they be subject to withholding.

I am an independent consultant, why should I use Woven Legal?

Woven Legal does the heavy lifting for you by vetting the clients we work with. Throughout your assignment, you are supported by a Relationship Manager who works as a liaison between you and the client. The RM’s role is to be an added resource to coach and advise both parties to succeed.

What is the advantage of going through Woven Legal for a permanent position instead of responding to job postings or ads?

1)   Companies are generally inundated with resumes from individuals, and it is likely that your resume won’t get the attention it needs. We hand deliver the top 2-3 resumes for each position and provide the Hiring Manager all the information they would need to select the right candidate for the job.

2)   You always have the added resource of a Woven Legal Relationship Manager throughout the length of your assignment. The RM has years of experience coaching and advising clients and contractors on how to have a successful remote working relationship.

My client decided to end the job I am working on, and I need to start looking for another. Who do I contact?

You can contact your Relationship Manager as soon as you are notified that your contract is ending. Our placement team will then start searching for your next great opportunity!