Virtual Paralegal
Remote work has exploded since 2020 when offices worldwide closed down as nations battled COVID-19. While there was initially some friction concerning working from home, companies and employees eventually settled into a routine. Today, many organizations still provide their employees the freedom to work remotely.  While […]
Plenty of attorneys were comfortable working from the office five days a week before the pandemic. In most law firms, it was expected that staff would be onsite during business hours on weekdays, too. But when everything got shaken up with stay-at-home orders, plenty of firms […]
It’s very frustrating to post a job, screen for suitable applicants, and realize that you only have a handful of people to move through your process. When it comes to finding good help in your law firm, there are common mistakes that many firms make that […]
It’s the worst-case scenario when someone you hired just doesn’t work out, but how you handle the separation and next steps is important. Wherever possible, try to keep things professional and avoid burning bridges. It can be challenging, though, to walk the line between being firm […]
Working with a paralegal is a beautiful thing when it’s the right person in the right role. But getting someone hired to handle the tasks you need to be completed is only part of the challenge. In order for you to work effectively with this person, […]
Great culture
Did you know that according to research, company culture is a top concern for 46% of new job applicants? Studies also show that 15% of new job seekers turned down a role because they were concerned about the company culture, too. It’s not just about attracting […]
Woven Legal’s Meg Garavaglia recently interviewed Aaron Strimban of Tidwell Strimban Injury Lawyers to talk about his best strategies for approaching partnership, case workflow, and the importance of delegation. MG: How did you choose Robert Tidwell as your partner at this phase in your career? I […]
Woven Legal is proud to introduce you to Rob Harvey of Online Business Systems. At OBS, he is the Managing Director of Risk, Security, and Privacy and a cybersecurity expert. He shared some of his insights about the biggest cybersecurity risks out there and what law […]

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