Are you questioning your decision to have a remote workforce?
teamwork in law firms
One of the United States’ most iconic sporting events is about to take place on March 3. This annual event may not draw the crowds of the Super Bowl or March Madness, but it does celebrate skill, ruggedness, determination, and teamwork. Participants must front thousands of […]
Focus on clients
Just because you have a law degree and are operating your own firm does not mean you stop dreaming. You likely started your firm with an idea of what your practice could become. Over the years, that vision you started out with may have changed somewhat […]
The “Stitch” that Can Save Your Firm Resources When Hiring
The COVID-19 pandemic upended a hiring landscape in which employers could be selective about which candidates they would hire. For the past few years, a significant number of employers have needed help finding the right talent to fill job vacancies. Recent data collected by LinkedIn shows that: The […]
muddled message
Good communication from management is crucial to the success of any business. In our experience, when employers are direct, even candid, with their employees, they are more likely to get the work product that they desire. However, this can be a difficult task for some. Many […]
Lawyers are a competitive bunch, and this competitive spirit is stoked and encouraged before aspiring lawyers even enter law school. Prospective law students are told to obtain the best undergraduate grade point average and will spend considerable money to obtain the best possible LSAT score and […]
Economic Uncertainty
The economic headlines have been uncertain for months. We’re in an unprecedented time of rising inflation, and economists predict an upcoming recession over the next year.  Recessions typically worry law firm owners and managers since they usually come with reduced revenues and less access to capital. […]
Virtual Paralegal
Remote work has exploded since 2020 when offices worldwide closed down as nations battled COVID-19. While there was initially some friction concerning working from home, companies and employees eventually settled into a routine. Today, many organizations still provide their employees the freedom to work remotely.  While […]

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